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The Pickens County Republican Party is working hard to grow a strong, vibrant, grass-roots organization to serve the communities across our county and we need your help!

Each of our county's communities need to be represented here as we strive to better the lives of those we love. Strong hands, strong wills and strong voices will make a difference. Working together, we can influence our government to reflect our communities' conservative values.

We invite you to contact us for more information about your precinct and for the date and time of our next meeting. We would love to meet you in-person and welcome you to visit our group.

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Event Schedule


Monday 24

School District of Pickens County, Board meeting

Agenda to be published https://go.boarddocs.com/sc/pickens/Board.nsf/Public

Contact: Betty Bagley, Chair

Thursday 27

PCRP Executive Committee meeting

Precinct executive committeepersons and presidents are participants. All party members are welcome.

Contact: Tim Bruce, 864.397.5252


Monday 7

Pickens County Council Meeting

Scheduled Council meeting

Contact: Meagan Nations, Clerk, 898-5856


Tuesday 15

Pickens County Transportation Committee Meeting

Transportation Committee Board members to meet; agenda not yet published.

Contact: Duane Green, Chairman

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2021 Elections

2021 Pickens County Election Results (* winner)


Mayor of Central

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Andrew Beckner
  • Rosa Grayden
  • Mac Martin
Central Town Council

3 Seats to Fill

  • Kim Allen
  • * Paige Hudson Bowers
  • * Ken Dill
  • Daniel Evatt
  • * L C Hayes, Jr


Easley Combined Utilities Commissioner

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Jeff Fogle
Easley City Council Ward 2

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Denise Davidson
  • Kent Dykes
Easley City Council Ward 4

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Terry Moore
Easley City Council Ward 6

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Jim Robinson


Mayor of Liberty

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Erica Romo Woods
Liberty City Council at Large

1 Seat to Fill

  • * John Hayes
  • Chuck Powell
Liberty City Council Ward 1

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Robbie Shoenleben
Liberty City Council Ward 2

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Peggy Edwards
Liberty City Council Ward 3 Special (Filing
closes August 13th, 2021 at noon)

1 Seat to Fill

  • * Daniel Graybeal


Norris Town Council

2 Seats to Fill

  • * Brian Cook
  • * Lawrence McClure


Norris Town Council

3 Seats to Fill

  • * Patrick Lark
  • Ed Leese
  • * Donnie McKinney
  • * Robert Nealy

Six Mile

Six Mile Town Council

2 Seats to Fill

  • * James A. Atkinson
  • Jadd M. Smith

Pickens County

School Board District 7 Special Election

1 Seat to Fill

  • T J Layton
  • * Amy Williams